October 9, 2013

Four Actresses Viving For Role In BATMAN VS SUPERMAN, Will The Studio Consider Ladies Previously Looked At For DC Films?

LatinoReview is hot on the trail of new casting scoop concerning Batman Vs Superman. This new role being a female lead. One which the site originally claimed was a love interest for Bruce Wayne. However, other outlets like BleedingCool say the role is Wonder Woman. While LR states that Wonder Woman is out of the picture with this film. Which could end up being more in the realm of Vicki Vale and other love interests. A new bit of information is sprouting which sees four actresses currently in the running. Usually it's down to two front-runners for roles like these. No names are currently being mentioned but I have some possible ideas of who could be in the mix.

Amy Adams originally read with Christian Bale for Rachel Dawes when Nolan was casting Batman Begins. Adams didn't land that part but would eventually take the Lois Lane role in Man of Steal. It's possible we could see women linked with Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel casting in a similar position. Getting a second look for this lead role in Batman Vs Superman.

GEMMA ARTERTON: Gemma recently co-starred with Ben Affleck in Runner Runner along with being a candidate to play Selina Kyle/Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises. She's proven with roles in films such as Byzantium and Alice Creed that's Gemma is more than capable to handle action role and could even make a solid villain. Arterton had also been among a shortlist of actresses considered for Elizabeth Shaw in Prometheus.

MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD: Having tested for the role of Lois Lane, MEW has been pursuing a role like this for a while. She had been linked for the Maria Hill role in Avengers and Agent Sharon Carter in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. There has also been rumblings that because of her connections with director Edgar Wright working on Scott Pilgrim, she might also be a strong contender for The Wasp in Ant-Man.

JESSICA BIEL: Biel has been linked for the roles of both Selina Kyle and Lois Lane, along with The Wolverine's Viper. All roles that would eventually go to different actresses. She's taken on physical roles in films such as Blade Trinity and Total Recall. While those films were flops her action scenes were on the money.

ROSAMUND PIKE: Rosamund Pike had been in the running for villainous roles such as Faora in Man of Steel and Emma Frost in X-Men First Class. She's also taken action roles in films such as Die Another Day, Jack Reacher, Wrath of The Titans and The World's End. Not to mention recently co-starring with Ben Affleck in David Fincher's Gone Girl.

DIANE KRUGER: The German actress is best known for her roles in Troy and Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds. However, Diane had been in the running for Carol Ferris in Green Lantern and was considered for the role of Faora in Man of Steel. Her husband Joshua Jackson was actually in the running for Bruce Wayne at one point before Bale landed it. While Joshua's Dawson's Creek co-star Katie Holmes ended up playing Rachel Dawes.

CHARLOTTE RILEY: Like Biel, Charlotte has been one of the few actresses that has tested for both Selina Kyle and Lois Lane. She's kept under the radar with smaller roles and could be an actress like Antje Traue who stole a few scenes in Man of Steel.

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