October 19, 2013

RUMOR: Rashida Jones Wanted For ANT-MAN?

I'm putting this out there before I even mention this rumor. The source doesn't even have a standing track record, as I've never heard of them. However, they're not CosmicBookNews, so there is a bit of curiosity on my part. SuperheroMovieNews say that Marvel and Edgar Wright are looking at comedic actress Rashida Jones to play Janet in Ant-Man. She would be the first actress linked since the casting process has actually started.

There are more than just a few reasons to think she's a possibility. Jones has previously worked with Ant-Man candidate Paul Rudd on I Love You Man and Our Idiot Brother. Rashida also has roles in The Office and Parks And Rec. In Parks she works with Guardians of The Galaxy's Chris Pratt. She also has links to Edgar Wright working with two of the Cornetto Trilogy actors Nick Frost and Olivia Colman (Hot Fuzz) in the dance comedy Cuban Fury. Oddly enough, Chris O'Dowd who is also in Cuban Fury has a small cameo in Thor: The Dark World.

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