June 3, 2013

Hugh Jackman Ending His Run As WOLVERINE?

Hugh Jackman broke out to international audiences thanks to his role as Wolverine in 2000's X-Men. He has played the role six times by next Summer and is rumored he could show up in Avengers 2, if Fox/Marvel do end up playing nice (which has been alluded to for months). Some are curiously debating the end of Robert Downey Jr's run as Tony Stark/Iron Man but is Hugh Jackman also ready to give someone else the part? In a brief interview with EW Jackman comments a bit of future rolls which sounds a bit like both films have to be major successes (fan demand to see more). Being a bit upset over the fan/audience backlash over Origins which almost everyone disliked.

The site does tease Wolverine being in Avengers 2 but nothing more than a chance is mentioned. It's ultimately up to the producers and Fox to allowing the crossover. Lauren Shuler Donner the main producer of the X-Men franchise has stated previously she'd love to see the X-Men in the Avengers sequels. Marvel and Fox are already likely sharing Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in X-Men Days of Future Past and Avengers 2, so having Wolverine in the mix doesn't seem that bad of an idea. This would ultimately help their brand similar to how Avengers boosted the audience turnout for Iron Man 3. Fingers crossed Sony does the same thing before selling the Spidey rights. Rumblings that the studio side of Sony isn't doing well and likely having to liquidize franchise assets like Spider-Man and Resident Evil is on the table apparently. Wouldn't take much to convince Disney to buy them up for the MCU.

James Mangold's Wolverine "looks" good but ultimately we won't know until July if it will match the intreging trailer. Speaking on the future of Wolverine, it's unknown if X-Men Days of Future Past is exactly X-Men 4, a First Class sequel or combination is still up in the air. However, it's events could lead to sorting out the two X-Men worlds and allowing some future storylines not yet explored. Giving Singer and Fox some leway in having both the period piece franchise (more First Class era films) and the present day/future teams (X-Men 4, New Mutants, X-Force). Wolverine still has some interesting solo adventures to explore but Jackman was quite set on telling the Japanese saga since Origins. The fan demand will likely keep him on for a couple more but he very well might just move on and focus on other passion projects. I sort of saw this coming considering Jackman pretty much jumped right back into the character only a few months after wrapping Wolverine to reprise in the role in Days of Future Past. I doubt there a many actors that can overshadow Hugh's performances but I'm sure there is someone out there right for the role.

 If I had to choose one up and coming actor to takeover the role I'd go for Richard Armitage (Hobbit, Strike Back). He's already dipped his toes in the MCU playing a villain in Captain America: The First Avenger and seems to love action driven projects.

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