June 1, 2013

Karen Gillan Cast As Lead Female Villain And Glenn Close To Head-Up Nova Corps In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, Lee Pace's Role To Go From Villain To Hero?

A whole whack of casting/character information concerning Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy has recently rolled out. THR reports Doctor Who's Karen Gillan has joined the film as a major unnamed female villain along with Glenn Close heading up the long rumored Nova Corps. I wouldn't be shocked if Karen's character might be tied in with the Inhumans (Medusa or Crystal?) slowly setting up that film as well.

Glenn wasn't the only high profile actor being linked for a supporting role. HitFix's big story on the film included that John C. Reilly had also been in the mix to play Rhomann Dey. Who is being toted as an Agent Coulson-type character. A bunch of other actors had been mentioned for a part that would be a bridge between SHIELD and Nova Corps. They include Alan Rickman (Die Hard, Harry Potter), Ken Watanabe (Inception, Last Samurai) and Hugh Laurie.

Lee Pace's character might have been revealed as well. While we know he'll be playing the film's baddie there is talk that he'll will switch sides at some point in the film. Which could lead to his own franchise/films. The characters being named include fellow Guardian member Adam Warlock, Richard Rider (Nova) and Kree hero Mar-Vell (Captain Marvel). Michael Rooker's Yondu is also being linked as a villainous space pirate rather than a heroic Guardian member.

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