June 2, 2013

Screenwriter Michael Green In Talks To Take A Shot At BLADE RUNNER 2

TheWrap reports that Ridley Scott is still actively trying to put together that new Blade Runner film. They say that Alcon Entertainment/Scott Free is in talks to hire Michael Green (Green Lantern) to write a script for the project. Last we heard David Peoples (who adapted the original film) and Janet Peoples was tackling an outline or draft of their own. At the time Ridley and Alcon had confirmed it would indeed be a sequel of sorts. This new report seemingly reiterates that aspect set some years after the original film. I don't doubt that Green could give us something interesting but the stain of Green Lantern's awful box office could make the folks involved cautious to commit. To be fair he handed in a draft of The Flash for Warner Bros. which seemingly peeked the studio's interest as well.

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