June 19, 2013

Nicolas Winding Refn Took A Meeting About Making TERMINATOR 5?

Movies talked to director Nicolas Winding Refn (Bronson, Drive, Pusher Trilogy) about his upcoming thriller Only God Forgives. There was an interesting twist when the interviewer revealed that "a little birdie" told them that Nicolas had met with the studio/producers of Terminator 5 for the director's chair. While he plays coy he doesn't deny the implication. The production is currently being produced Annapurna Pictures and Skydance Pictures with Arnold Schwarzenegger expected to have a decent sized role. To say Refn's slick retro visuals would be a massive upgrade from the last two Terminator films is an understatement. However, Refn has signed on to Hollywood projects before only to exit such as his involvement with Logan's Run and The Equalizer.

Tweet tweet. [Laughs] I've been lucky to have been approached with many different projects, and a lot of them are great and are with really great people. I think that the day where I trade what I have for something that's bigger, it'll reveal itself what the right choice is.

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