August 28, 2009

Spider-Man 5 & 6

James Vanderbilt (Zodiac, The Losers) has recently been hired to start scripts for the 5th and 6th installment of Spider-Man. It was rumored for a while that he was developing a two picture storyline. Those rumors have returned with the announcement of James working on the next two films. It seemed that the possible addition of The Sinister Six story had been scrapped. Along with a few other possible ideas, fans had. One being, the clone storyline that involves Peter Parker having two clones created by The Jackal. Jackal produces Kaine and Ben Reilly the only clones that survive the process, using the DNA of Spider-Man. Kaine becomes an uncontrollable menace tearing up the city and blames Parker for his existence. Ben eventually discovers the powers he has been given from Parker's DNA and becomes Scarlet Spider.Reilly takes his name after Peter's Uncle Ben and uses Aunt May's maiden name. Reilly also develops a romance with Betty Brant. Having Elizabeth Banks gaining more screen time and her character getting developed in the process. There had been a lot of problems getting back the original cast members for the 4th film. So I do expect to see a transition to another group of actors in the upcoming films. This may be the perfect way to transition from Tobey McGuire to another actor playing Spider-Man.

Also there could be a story focusing on the The Sinister Six. Since Doc Oct is dead and Sandman seems to have changed his way, the villainous team may chance it's lineup. I could see The Vulture, Kraven The Hunter, Electro, Mysterio, Tombstone and The Scorpion as the final lineup. That all depends on who ends up the villain in the 4th movie. All signs seem to point to The Lizard and maybe one other villain.

Casting Thoughts:

Jake Gyllenhaal as Ben Reilly aka Scarlet Spider

Jason Lee (Vanilla Sky, Chasing Amy) as The Jackal

Melanie Laurent (Inglorious Basterds) as Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat


Sam Worthington as The Scorpion

Ben Kingsley as The Vulture

Ian McShane (Deadwood, Sexy Beast) as Kraven The Hunter

Ben Foster (Pandorum) as Electro

Bruce Campbell as Mysterio

Michael Jai White (Dark Knight) as Tombstone

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