November 4, 2012

STAR WARS Trilogy Rumor Roundup

It's been very exciting the last couple of days trying to play catch up with all the rumors, reports and speculation concerning the two new Star Wars trilogies. I've put together a rundown of a few I missed and added my thoughts as well. Granted these are mostly from anonymous sources not connected with the production, so don't take the statements as the gospel. Either way, they are an interesting read and give some hope that these films won't be the giant letdown the prequels ended being.

SKYWALKERS INVOLVED WITH BOTH TRILOGIES?: We won't be just getting Episodes VII, VIII and IX. The plan is to move right into Episodes X, XI and XII after the end of the first new trilogy. A biographer who could be working on old information tells TheWrap that the new trilogy will involve Luke in his 30's or 40's. Not to mention the Skywalkers will be heavily involved with all six films (of course).

The next in the series, he said, involve Luke Skywalker in his 30s and 40s, but Lucas was unlikely to turn to Mark Hamill, who played Luke in the original but whose performance left the director dissatisfied. “They will need an older Luke Skywalker,” Pollock said.

  MarketSaw's source claims that the original characters will be featured in the new trilogy along with the second trilogy having a female Skywalker as the protagonist. There is speculation that it's possible these two ideas could be combined in the trilogy if the studio wants to introduce this new heroine earlier. We've heard confirmation that the books won't be direct influence but nobody has mentioned the characters in them won't end up being used. Oddly enough, this person claims Mark Hamill is returning. Already things are starting to conflict with other statements.

Recasting the characters is going to have to happen if the plan is spread out the first trilogy over 6-9 years. A female Skywalker could mean seeing Leia transform from Princess to Jedi Knight within the new installments. Along with Luke building a new Jedi temple and training a new crop of Jedi (including Leia?). Hopefully, by the end of the first trilogy seeing Luke's transition into the darkside. In the book canon Luke only has one child Ben Skywalker, it's possible they could create a new batch of Skywalkers to suit the films. While they don't take the Skywalker name Leia and Han's children are Skywalkers/Jedi. Jaina Solo being the more popular of the bunch not to mention that her twin brother Jacen ends up becoming Darth Caedus. The only other female character they could be talking about is fan favorite Mara Jade Skywalker (the wife of Luke). Her transition from darkside to light would be a great change of pace not to mention the added bonus of the character being able to go toe-to-toe with the boys.

SPIN-OFF FILMS POSSIBLE: HeatVision has heard from sources that Star Wars will be setup Avengers-style besides the planned trilogies we'll see offshoot films focusing on individual characters. I'm sure this gives wiggle room for that Boba Fett film that Joe Johnston (Captain America, Rocketeer) was putting together. Perhaps, we could see new characters or established characters (including ones from the books/games) getting their own movies. Seeing a film set in the Star Wars universe every year rather than two to three which had been said of the trilogy. I'm sure fans of the Force Unleashed, Old Republic and the mysterious 1313 will be waiting to hear if the characters will be involved with any of these offshoots.

1952 REALLY EPISODE VII: AICN started putting together a theory that the huge Disney sci-fi film titled 1952 is really the new Star Wars trilogy. The secret project has Pixar guru Brad Bird (Incredibles, Ghost Protocol) attached to direct with Damon Lindelof (World War Z, Prometheus, Lost, Star Trek Into Darkness) working on the script. My thought, the title was hinting to Episodes VII, VIII and IX. For example if you play with the numbers of 1952 you get (5+2="7"+1="8")"9". However, FirstShowing has word from a source (distractor?) that the project is an original concept.

 Brad Bird has been the gem of Pixar directing some of their better films and earning an Oscar for . He made the jump into live-action films directing Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol. He's a director Disney can trust along with being able to balance character and action which is very important to Star Wars fans unhappy with the underwhelming prequels. The recent directors-list is filled with landmines and while some are interesting choices Bird seems a solid choice.

Lindelof has attached himself to two rather large science fiction franchises with Star Trek Into Darkness and Prometheus/Paradise (Alien franchise). Disney could have had Damon write an outline only for another writer to complete it. Disney is able to hire very creative people for their franchises as we've seen previously. They were recently able to wrangle David Fincher to remake 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Marvel/Disney hired Joss Whedon to make the Avengers which led Marvel handing over the creative keys for the entire film universe. Whedon will now have input on all the films until he exits Marvel. It wouldn't be hard to imagine Disney looking to Damon to be their Whedon/Lucas for the new era of Star Wars.

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