November 27, 2012

Ridley Scott's THE FOREVER WAR Get's A New Writer

Deadline reports that Ridley Scott's sci-fi epic The Forever War is getting a new screenwriter. They say that D.W. Harper has been tapped by Scott and Fox to develop a new script for the project. Harper recently adapted All You Need Is Kill which has similar tones. It had been rumored that David Peoples (Blade Runner) had also taken a shot at adapting the novel by Joe Haldeman. It sounds like Ridley's involvement with Prometheus, it's sequel Paradise and the Blade Runner sequel has sparked new interest in the film. Forever War has the ability to be the next Avatar franchise for Fox if done properly.

A soldier reluctantly battles an enemy in deep space, and while he spends a short time in battle, the time dilation of space channel causes him to return home to a planet that has aged to the point it is almost unrecognizable to the soldier.

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