November 14, 2012

RUMOR: Stephanie Szostak Playing Janet Van Dyne (Wasp) In IRON MAN 3?

Take this new rumor with a massive grain of salt. As online rumblings via ScreenRant point to French actress Stephanie Szostak could be playing Janet van Dyne in Iron Man 3. Her role unnamed and unconfirmed has peeked the curiosity of many Iron Man films. Best known to American audiences as the love interest from Dinner For Schmucks. There has already been talk that A.I.M. would become the villains of Ant-Man with the evil arms company first making it's film debut in Iron Man 3. Could Janet appear in some of the A.I.M. scenes, setting up her character for Edgar Wright's Ant-Man?

The main reason we shouldn't be so quick to believe this rumor is a couple of reasons. First, Edgar Wright would be the only person casting actors for his films and if Shane Black hired Stephanie it would seem odd to have in the role of Janet. Marvel removed an original line from Thor that had Erik's colleague being Hank Pym not Bruce Banner. Wright had been adamant that his characters would be introduced in his film. That being said, we've seen directors setting up the expanded Marvel universe with Nick Fury (Iron Man), Black Widow (Iron Man 2), Hawkeye (Thor), Winter Soldier (Captain America), Maria Hill (Avengers), Falcon (Cap 2) and possibly Doctor Strange (Thor 2).

Another problem is the source linking her to Wasp is not a reliable one. However, they're piggybacking a tidbit from RogerWardell who has decent record. He claims she has a high profile role that fans will go nuts over. We've seen sites like this have similar claims previously with Iron Man 2. Having Olivia Munn linked for Scarlet Witch and Kate Mara for Bethany Cable only turnout to be cameos. I've put a lot of hope for myself that she's playing Whitney Frost but it has more to do with the talk of Pepper becoming Rescue.

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