November 10, 2012

WHAT IF?: Test Footage And Images For Ridley Scott's I AM LEGEND Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ridley Scott's I Am Legend is yet another killed Arnold Schwarzenegger project that could have been amazing. StanWinstonSchool has posted a very interesting story on the development of the makeup-tests for Ridley Scott's purposed I Am Legend film from 1997. That would have starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and including some heavy duty makeup for the vampire-creatures. The site posts images and even video of the development. I Am Legend joins the laundry list of films that Arnold could have made which includes Die Hard, Sgt. Rock, Planet of The Apes, Spider-Man, The Rock and Full Metal Jacket.

Of course the Will Smith version was the one that made it to theaters and these stunning pieces were never used. Instead the creatures were created using terrible cheap looking CGI. Ridley's other film Legend is still considered a highlight for practice effects makeup, a lot of the techniques have been used in Peter Jackson's Middle Earth trilogies. You might also notice that they look very similar to the hybrid vampires in Guillermo del Toro's Blade 2.

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