November 10, 2012


This Marvel rumor is coming from a blog I've haven't really read before, so this news isn't the most reliable. ComicBook state they have a source tells them that Robert Downey Jr. will have a role in Marvel's upcoming sci-fi epic adventure film Guardians of The Galaxy. This new information is stemming from original speculation from a recent comic book (Iron Man is asked to join the Guardians) Iron Man would join the film. The site also points out another recent rumor that Iron Man 3 will have a mid-credits and post-credits bonus scenes (linked to Guardians?). However, JoBlo got word from writer/director James Gunn who killed the rumor. While a recent Tweet from a Variety reporter gives the impression it's possible and depends on Robert.

RDJ made a deal with Marvel Studios that he'd get a percentage of every Marvel film he agrees to be apart of. He earned around an estimated $100 million plus for Avengers, it's anyone's guess how much he'll make on Iron Man 3. So if Marvel wants Tony Stark/Iron Man in a Marvel film they just have to pay him later instead of a rather large upfront fee that would cut into the budget.

With Whedon handling the creative side things for the Marvel universe we have no idea what direction the film will go. I'd imagine if he wants to expand the Marvel cosmic universe they'd need someone from the Avengers world to bridge the two worlds (Earth/cosmic). Marvel has stated they want Guardians to be their Star Wars franchise so seeing some of the Avengers in the film isn't hard to believe. We've already heard rumblings that Nova Corps and Thanos could play major roles in film. To see Iron Man in a space epic could open the doors to other large possibilities for Iron Man 4 and even a new Hulk film (Planet Hulk/World War Hulk). He's already been in space during the missile scene in Avengers so maybe he tries out a new suit made for the harsh elements of space travel.

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