November 27, 2012

Jason Flemyng Confirms Matthew Vaughn In Talks For STAR WARS EPISODE VII?

In the same interview with HeyUGuys actor Jason Flemyng sort of confirms his close friend Matthew Vaughn (First Class, Layer Cake, Kick-Ass) is indeed in talks for Star Wars. He shows interest in any part given to him by Vaughn, barring the deal goes through. The look on his face when it sinks in he's talking about something he shouldn't be.

While some might see this statement as an actor wishing for a good part, along with talking out of school. Flemyng has worked with Matthew Vaughn on nine different films starting with Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels which was Matthew's first gig as a producer. To say that Jason is closer to the director than any other of his actors is an easy assumption to make. The pair are good friends, so I'm sure Jason has been given the word about Matthew's involvement. At the very least Flemyng is confirming there are at least talks for him to direct.

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