November 16, 2012

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Movie Will See The Team Get An Updated Look?

Newsarama (via CMB) has word from Steve McNiven that he's helping concept artists at Marvel Studios tweak the look of the Guardians of The Galaxy. We saw a piece of concept artwork over the summer but it seems like that won't be their final look. There had been rumblings of Nova and Adam Warlock joining the lineup which includes already has Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, Drax and Groot. Steve gives the impression the studio is looking for an updated look for the team. The original movie concept artwork from Comic-Con had used the costumes from the last series of the group (an outdated look possibly?). For his new comic series Steve has updated the group comic book series (which includes Iron Man among the ranks) with new militarized tech-based costumes. They look somewhat similar to what we've seen in video games such as Mass Effect and Halo which could be sources for the look of the characters. We've seen the games influence movies already with Prometheus taking cues design-wise from Mass Effect. Star-Lord and Gamora's new look reminds me of the concept art that was put together for the in-limbo Avengers Vs. Skrulls video game.

"I'm trying to re-design the whole team here....My approach to the designs was to match them to the characters and to update the look. Double-breasted jackets and outer space adventure don't really fit these days."

"I have been in touch with the movie studio guys and we are all tossing design ideas around, so hopefully we can have some unity between the movie and comic looks." 

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