October 7, 2012

Ruth Wilson And Emily Blunt Wanted For Ms. Marvel In AVENGERS 2

We're finally getting our first casting talk concerning Avengers 2. DailyMail is reporting that Marvel is looking to cast either Ruth Wilson (Lone Ranger) or Emily Blunt (Looper) in the role of Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel) for the sequel. There had been talk of Danvers joining the lineup for months, including development on her own solo film. We already know that Joss Whedon and Kevin Feige are aiming to add another female member to the team. Having a heroine with actual superpowers like Carol seems very likely. Scarlet Witch could also be an option as the character is co-owned by Marvel Studios and was going to be played by Scarlett Johannson before she took over the role of Black Widow in Iron Man 2.

That being said, this isn't the first rumor concerning Blunt there had been talk of her taking the role of Whitney Frost in Iron Man 3 which wasn't true. Emily had been cast as Black Widow before exiting Iron Man 2 for another film. She had tested for Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger. It's sounding like she has a first-look deal with Marvel for meaty female roles. Wilson on the other hand is best known for her television roles with Marvel alums Idris Elba (Luther) and Hayley Atwell (The Prisoner). Ruth recently nabbed a large role in Disney's The Lone Ranger which might have helped her land on Marvel's radar. I had pegged Wilson for the role of Scarlet Witch but you never know.

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