October 25, 2012

SPECULATION: Could Christopher Nolan Reinvent 007 With BOND 26?

There's nothing more that Christopher Nolan fans want than to see him tackle Bond.
He's professed his love for the franchise over the years and has even met with producers in the past about helming one. Skyfall producer Gregg Wilson commented (via ThePlaylist) on the possibility of Christopher taking a shot at directing. Of course he seems optimistic and also a bit coy at the same time. Director Sam Mendes has stated he took direct influence from The Dark Knight for Skyfall. It's safe to say that the Bond camp is very fond of Nolan and will try to work something out for the future.

More recently Nolan stated if he was to do it would make a Bond film he'd start fresh. Meaning, a new actor in the role so he can make his stamp on the franchise. Names such as Idris Elba, Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy have been mentioned as potential new Bonds. All seem like actors that Nolan would be eager to work with. However, Daniel Craig over the summer re-signed with producers for Bond 24 and Bond 25. This would give Nolan time/breathing-room between the next two films to put together his vision for Bond 26. Not to mention directing a film or two of his own in the meantime.

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