October 26, 2012

John Logan Will Also Write BOND 25, Could Shoot Alongside BOND 24

Deadline has another Bond update as Skyfall writer John Logan (Gladiator, Last Samurai) has also been tasked to write not only Bond 24 but it's sequel Bond 25 (Daniel Craig's last outing). Apparently the two films will be linked and could be shot back to back. It's the first time the franchise has moved so quickly on two sequels. It gives the impression producers are betting Skyfall will blow away audiences raking in more box office than usual.

Skyfall had it's development issues taking longer than usual to get the story right after the let down that was Quantum of Solace. It went through many script changes and different writers. There could be a few unused scripts laying around from that development that John Logan could rework and pull from.  Not to mention Logan's unused notes from writing Skyfall could also be put to use. If the two films are indeed shooting at the same time it would mean the director would need to commit to larger than usual production shoot. No word if Mendes is returning at this point as the franchise isn't known for keeping directors around for next installments.

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