October 6, 2012

SPECULATION: Peter Weyland Showing Up In BLADE RUNNER 2?

It's looking like Ridley Scott is trying to connect the Alien/Prometheus and Blade Runner franchises. ThePlaylist has caught an Easter egg from the steel book version of Prometheus that has a memo from Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) on his mentor. The mentor Weyland talks of is likely Eldon Tyrell who formed the Tyrell Corporation in Blade Runner. Considering the new Blade Runner film has been confirmed to be a sequel it's likely it could focus on the company and replicants in the wake of the death of Tyrell. It's been rumored that the sequel's protagonist will be female and won't focus on Deckard (Harrison Ford).

However, this connection to Weyland could mean we might end up seeing a cameo from Guy Pearce. Considering Runner was set in 2019 and Weyland's Ted Talk was for 2023. It's not hard to imagine Guy showing up or at least Weyland making a play to buyout Tyrell. Yes, there are rights issues here but considering how deeply involved Ridley Scott is with both studios and the creative development of the projects it's possible. I don't see why Fox and Alcon/WB wouldn't want to see these epic sci-fi worlds connected in some way. My hope it's just a small cameo as the film should really focus on the replicants revolution on the off-world colonies.

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