October 31, 2012

Disney Making Joe Johnston's BOBA FETT Film?

It's obvious from the recent chat with George Lucas and new LucasFilm head Kathleen Kennedy. That Disney will be making films beyond Episode VII, Episode VIII and Episode IX. Could this mean that we'll be getting Star Wars films outside of those installments?

Back in 2011 director Joe Johnston (while promoting Captain America) talked to ScreenRant about his Boba Fett film. Johnston is the man who originally created the look for Boba Fett and has been trying to make a film. Apparently, Joe had enough material for this film to pitch it to Lucas. Factor-in his connections to Disney (via Cap, Rocketeer and Honey I Shrunk The Kids) and Star Wars (art director and designer on the films) it makes him a strong candidate to make more films. Considering there are talk that the live-action TV series (focusing on bounty hunters) and video game Star Wars 1313 possibly featuring Boba. It might be enough to spark interest from fans for a movie. Disney very well could end up mining the Star Wars universe for all it's worth. Similar to how Marvel makes multiple films connected in the same comic book universe. However, these films might not be set during the same time periods or follow the same characters.

“You know if he wants to see it, I would show it to him. I’m trying to get George to make a feature based on Boba Fett.”

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