October 8, 2012

SPECULATION: Viggo Mortenson Being Looked At For Baron Zemo Not Strange?

Over the summer it had been reported by a few sources that Doctor Strange was going to be introduced in the Thor sequel The Dark World. Being a colleage of Jane Foster (Portman) that would be a rather large role. A few months back there was a rumor circling that Viggo Mortensen was in talks for Strange. A Marvel producer denied this in an interview but stated they've been trying to work with Viggo for years. Not really killing the idea of him taking another role in the Marvel universe.

GeekScape has a decent theory that Viggo is actually being looked for a villain role rather than a franchise part. We know that Mortensen has been turning down big blockbusters such as Man of Steel and Snow White And The Huntsman. They believe that the Lord of The Rings star could be in talks with Marvel Studios for Baron Zemo rather than Doctor Strange. Linking previous tweets that first fueled the rumors. It makes sense considering the producer gave the impression he could be still talking with them. He'd make a solid villain in my opinion and one way for the studio to one-up Hugo Weaving's Red Skull. Another rumor pits Zemo as the villain pulling the strings of The Winter Soldier.

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