October 30, 2012

Five Directors Who Should Make Disney's STAR WARS Trilogy

It was reported today that Disney is making a whole new Star Wars trilogy. The first installment Star Wars: Episode VII is set to be released sometime in 2015. The studio has yet to name a director and it's expected that person would need to sign-on for the trilogy. Some dream names have been Edgar Wright, Guillermo del Toro, Matthew Vaughn, David Fincher, Sam Mendes, Danny Boyle, Christopher Nolan, Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg. How realistic are those choices? Not likely considering Disney would need a director to create an entire trilogy for them. They might be very unreachable because of the high demand and their other commitments to studio/original projects. However, I have a few ideas for who should be considered since Disney will be looking for a visionary to tackle a trilogy.

RIAN JOHNSON: Johnson's Looper has been a whirlwind of slick science fiction. While the prostectics used to make Joseph Gordon-Levitt look like Bruce Willis were less than convincing, the rest of the low budget film was fantastic. He could really dig deep for character development which Lucas' prequel trilogy was completely lacking. If we want a return to iconic anti-hero Star Wars characters like Solo or Lando, Rian would be the man to create them. He currently doesn't have an official project lined up but I'm sure he has a few original ideas he's mulling over. Disney would be smart to snatch him up before he's offered other franchises.

DUNCAN JONES: I'm sure his name will be thrown around the Disney offices currently. Duncan had been wanted for The Wolverine and Man of Steel but ultimately turned down the projects. His name is buzzing around Twitter and film blogs as film geeks' dream director. I can't say I feel different but he's  been trying to get his film Mute off the ground which could be a sticking point to him signing on. For him to direct a franchise project means they'd have to pay for original films to be made.

NEILL BLOMKAMP: Neill was once lined-up to direct a adaptation of Halo until the whole thing fell apart. Since then he's made two original science fiction films with District 9 and the upcoming Elysium starring Matt Damon. If anyone could create a new film universe for the Star Wars franchise it would be Neill. He would also bring back the worn/gritty look and dark tone of the original films. Blomkamp has worked inside the Hollywood machine previously and disliked it so I figure the only way to wrangle him is to give over creative control. Not sure how realistic that would be if Lucas is consulting on the films.

ALFONSO CUARON: While I consider him as the director to make the first good Harry Potter film. Alfonso is also known for some amazing science fiction with his film Children of Men. Which blew most away by it's bleak concept and excellent look/pacing. His next film Gravity is expected to blow audiences away and is highly anticipated. He might be the closet thing Disney has to landing someone as skilled as Christopher Nolan.

PETE TRAVIS: I've been Pete's biggest cheerleader lately, after the experience of seeing Dredd has really sunk-in. I think he has the ability to make a compelling science fiction action film (even with lackluster material to work from). Dredd seemed to be a film that was going to be a total disaster and turned out to be one of the most entertaining action films in a while for me. He's more of a popcorn director compared to the other names but would be able to make the films on the scale of the originals without breaking the bank. Pete was able to shoot some rather interesting action sequences (which some on this list are still learning how to put together). While I doubt he'll be considered I'll be rooting for him none-the-less.

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