October 23, 2012


The new trailer for Iron Man 3 seems to have given fans a lot to speculate over not to mention confirming some of the rumors as well. Here are a couple of my thoughts on what may or may not be in the film from previous rumors, rumblings, set photos and now this footage. Be warned this could very well spoil the film for you if you read any further.

THE TEN RINGS RETURN: Similar to The Dark Knight Rises, Iron Man 3 looks to close the circle of a trilogy by bringing back old villains. The terrorist group The Ten Rings headed by The Mandarin (self-proclaimed terrorist) looks to get very personal by blowing up Tony's home. We should assume they are very well armed this time-around and will be a force to be feared.

MANDARIN UPDATED AND RINGS COSMIC POWERED: It's looking like Ben Kingsley's Mandarin will be less a Fu Manchu and more terrorist guru. Previously, it had been rumored that the Chinese version of the film would have to change the villains because of the sensitivity of Chinese audiences. By sound of Ben's voice he might end up becoming more of an Eastern European baddie (possibly Chechnyan). His rings look like they may or may not be cosmic relics, could Mandarin be yet another pawn of Thanos?

SUPPORTING CHARACTERS GETTING BUMPED-OFF: In the image above things aren't looking so good for Happy Hogan (Favreau). After the death scene in Avengers it looks like anyone is fair-game to get the ol' axe, even Pepper. Notice Happy's chest which looks like his own chest-reactor. My previous speculation of The Iron Legion could be at play here. Where friends of Stark come together and don their own suits to save the day. Perhaps, Hogan isn't so lucky fighting the new threat.

WHITNEY FROST/MADAME MASQUE: Nothing confirmed here but it's looking very likely that French actress Stephanie Sozstak (seen above in the screengrab) has been at least cast in a similar role. Frost has been both friend and enemy of Stark so she could help or try to hurt him within the entire film. There is also talk this is just a random hook-up scene but Stephanie seems a little too aggressive.

PEPPER BECOMING RESCUE: This image gives the impression that Pepper is in a bad place from the look on her face. Possibly getting her own chest reactor like Tony, leading her to get her own suit with the nickname Rescue. It's been mentioned before that Feige and Shane Black would love to see Potts in her own suit. Finally, giving Pepper equal footing with Tony as one of the stronger female characters in the Marvel universe.

NO S.H.I.E.L.D. OR AVENGERS HELPING TONY: While there had been talk of replacing Agent Coulson with Maria Hill as Tony's new assigned S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. The organization along with fellow Avengers won't be there to help Stark in his darkest hour. It's pretty obvious that he might have to go off-the-grid to keep himself and others alive.

NEW ARMOR AN ANDROID: In Avengers we heard Tony refer to life-model decoy which is reference to androids. The new suit seems to be piloting itself in a few spot unless a villain or someone else is actually in there. If anyone would be able to create the technology that would lead to Ultron/Vision it would be Stark. It seems like there are some glitches if that's the case.

KILLIAN A BRIDGE TO WINTER SOLDIER: Killian (Pearce) seems to be heading up Advanced Idea Mechanics if the set photos are to be believed. Another group linked to HYDRA and started by Baron Strucker. It wouldn't be shocking to see him revealed as indeed Strucker leading to a resurrection of HYDRA or at the very least planting seeds for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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