October 30, 2012

Disney Buys STAR WARS Film Rights, EPISODE VII Coming 2015?

This has to be the biggest news since Disney took over Marvel. THR reports that Disney has bought Lucas Film for $4 billion and it includes the Star Wars franchise. Even more mind blowing is that they plan to put Episode VII into production for a 2015 release date. We should expect Episode 8 and Episode 9 are also on the table at this point. No word on a director even if a script is even in place. However, if 2015 is a date they have in mind, pitches have been made. The plot of the film is currently unknown but some have speculated it could be a reboot perhaps focusing on the Knights of The Old Republic era. 2015 is looking like it's going to be an epic year for blockbusters with Avengers 2 and Justice League also set for release.

George Lucas has retired and has systematically sold the rights so it's unlikely he'll be writing or directing. I'm sure that will please some die-hard Star Wars fans. The only problem here is that currently there isn't a visionary in place a franchise like Star Wars would need. We could see Disney handle Lucas Film as they have with Pixar and Marvel by letting them do their own thing. The question is will Disney hire a visionary like they did with Joss Whedon handling the creative-side of the Marvel films? It's not hard to imagine Lucas friend Steven Spielberg won't be pitch a new trilogy.

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