August 28, 2014

CAPTAIN AMERICA 3 To Begin Production In April And Title Reveal Coming Soon

While speaking with Collider the director siblings the Russo Brothers talked about Captain America 3, it's production returning to the States for an April start. However, the stage work will now be done in Atlanta, Georgia. Presumably on the new Pinewood Studios stage, where Ant-Man is currently shooting. This move is an interesting one, not only does the studio have a new location to film their growing number of projects. But, they will be shooting two movies at once, if Doctor Strange is still aiming for it's spring production start (confirmed by Kevin Feige). I have to assume that Scott Derrickson will be heading the UK and shoot Strange at Shepperton Studios.

The studio had been seemingly worried about having two film productions going-on at once. Possibly being too much to handle for the growing studio at the time. This has led to muted-talk of three Marvel Studios releases per-year. It's been now confirmed that starting in 2017, we'll have three Marvel Studios productions released annually. With production shoots now overlapping one-and-other, it's even possible the studio could push for four films a year. A mad notion, but considering the amount of people now involved with the studio and the production space in their hands, anything is possible.

Another tidbit was dropped by the Russo Brothers during their chat with Collider. They confirmed that the title for the third film will be announced in about a month or so. I have to assume the title is another villain reveal similar to The Winter Soldier or Age of Ultron. Considering how many unused major Cap villains haven't appeared in the film, any number of them could get top-billing. I'd hope that we'd finally get to see Baron Zemo and Madame Hydra, but I'm sure others want to see Alexander Lukin and Doctor Faustus take centre-stage in the film.

A great deal of rumblings have already started concerning the lineup of the film. The best guesses would that we'll see the return of Bucky Barnes, Brock Rumlow, Sam Wilson and Nick Fury. It's up-in-the-air if we'll see Natasha, Clint, Sharon or Maria return for the sequel. Since, it's rumored the Russos could be including T'Challa/Black Panther to the sequel, some characters might have to take a backseat.


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