August 11, 2014


James Gunn is already beginning work on the script for Guardians of The Galaxy 2, as the director confirmed he's begun writing the sequel. The second installment already has a release date set for July 2017. We kind have an idea that Nova and Cosmo will likely have a part to play in the next movie. Yet, there are a few other Marvel cosmic characters we'd like to see used in the sequel as well.

ADAM WARLOCK: We had heard Warlock was going to have some sort of cameo in the film, but that likely was written-out or removed from the final cut. The assumption was that his cocoon in The Collectors' chambers would be involved in the film at some point, that didn't end-up happening. Warlock has worked alongside the Guardians for ages, and eventually becomes a member. He's crossed paths with Thanos on many occasions and is a major character connected to the Infinity stories. Having one of the infinity stones embedded in his forehead (soul gem), he's a sure-bet for the sequel. If, indeed Thanos will have most of the infinity stones by Avengers 3.

BLACKJACK O'HARE: It's likely a lock that Rocket's otter and walrus companions will have some role in the next installment, but I'd love to see the rabbit mercenary Blackjack O'Hare get his onscreen debut. He's a prime character to be a fellow bounty-hunter, antagonist to Rocket or just roaming around Knowhere as a hired-gun. Plus, a blue rabbit wise-cracking with Bradley Cooper's Rocket would be super-fun to watch. I'd honestly take him over Howard The Duck, but that's just my opinion.

THE INHUMANS: We've finally had the Kree Empire referenced in the films, and the success of Guardians could mean that Marvel will push-forward with their Inhumans movie. An ancient group of aliens experimented on by the Kree, are revealed to have superpowers when exposed to a mist. In the recent comics, Black Bolt releases this mist on the entire population of Earth. Which in-turn, creates a larger population of Inhumans on the planet. Some believe this is Marvel's way of creating another version of mutants for their film universe. Time-will-tell, but with a potential project that would end-up looking like X-Men meets Game of Thrones, it's a strong bet they'll have a film soon. Including them in small cameos, or at least introducing them in next Guardians film would make sense, if they are planning on expanding upon their existing cosmic universe.

HEPZIBAH: This skunk-humanoid would actually be a very interesting character visually, and could easily be one of Yondu's Ravagers (we've already heard James Gunn mention exploring the Ravagers a bit more). The space-pirate and member of the Starjammers, might actually be another shared X-Men character (similar to Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch). Since she's an alien (not mutant), and was included in her own series alongside the rest of the original Starjammers lineup.

I've also noticed neither Fox or Marvel have commented on the rights concerning the Starjammers. The only one of the group I believe Fox could claim is Cyclops' father Cosair. Starjammers will likely become something discussed between Lauren Shuler Donner and Fox, post-Guardians. Since, we've never had aliens referenced in the X-Men film franchise, I'm possibly leaning towards they don't have the rights to the entire lineup/name. If they do, they'll possibly combine them into the world they are creating for the new Fantastic Four. Considering, Fox has control of rest of Marvel's cosmic catalog of characters and alien races.

MAR-VELL: We've already mentioned the Kree, and our first introduction to them wasn't great with Ronan. They aren't all that bad, case-in-point Kree hero Mar-Vell, also known as Captain Marvel (which I assume the title will be given to Danvers). I'm not sure Mar-Vell would become a straight-up Guardian (like I assume Nova would just work with them for the common good), but he'll likely have conflicts with the Kree Empire. Which could lead him to leave their ranks and look elsewhere to do good. I'd also like to give a shout-out to Wraith, another Kree who is banished but becomes a hero in the Infinity saga.

CAROL DANVERS: Speaking of Captain Marvel, wouldn't it be great if we saw the origin of Carol Danvers' powers in Guardians 2? I know the rumors say that she'll appear in Age of Ultron, but we don't know if she'll even have her powers in the film. Perhaps, as a pilot she's testing-out a new spacecraft for Stark or S.W.O.R.D. and is either captured by aliens, or is brought into the cosmic world. Leading to her to be exposed to the Kree technology, with the accident that grants her superpowers.

ANGELA: One of the newest additions to the Marvel universe, and acquired from Image Comics/Todd Mcfarlane. This lady is another badass outsider, that screams Guardian. She actually worked with the team recently in the comics, and is also revealed to be the daughter of Odin (sister to Loki/Thor). She could be a bridge for the Guardians to go to Asgard, leading them to meet Thor (a solid way to lead to their team-up in Avengers 3) and The Avengers, warning them that Thanos is coming to Earth.

CORVUS GLAIVE AND THE BLACK ORDER: Ronan and Nebula were okay as the villains of the film, but they didn't have the greatest motivation. Well it just happens that they aren't the only henchmen Thanos has doing his dirty work. He has his own group of supervillains, which are named The Black Order. This group are his generals and take-out worlds for the Mad Titan. They seem like worthy adversaries for the Guardians and The Nova Corps for an upcoming sequel. A great one to focus-on would be Corvus Glaive, an antagonist of a majority of the cosmic universe (including Earth and the Inhumans).

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