July 12, 2013

X-MEN Spinoff X-FORCE In The Works As Jeff Wadlow Signs On To Write And Possibly Direct, Will Cable Be The Focus?

THR confirms rumblings the Fox is looking to announce an X-Force film at Comic-Con. They add that Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow has been hired to script the X-Men spinoff and could even direct it. Wadlow's connection to Matthew Vaughn (director of First Class and producer of Fantastic Four reboot) and Mark Millar (creator of Kick-Ass and Fox's Marvel consultant) might have nudged the studio to select him.

There's no word on the lineup which has been changed over the years. Yet, there has been talk Fox is looking for a way to introduce a film focusing on Cable and is a staple of the comics. The more recent incarnation of the group includes Wolverine, Domino, Psylocke, Archangel, Deadpool, Warpath, X-23 and Fantomax. I would assume that Fox wants to connect these franchises together and would like see Wolverine/Deadpool involved in some way. While Jeff is writing this, I'd like see Matthew Vaughn return to the X-Men franchise and be allowed to have his own set of mutants to play with.

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