July 14, 2013

Rob Liefeld Calls On Dwayne Johnson To Play Cable In X-FORCE

Ahead of 20th Century Fox's Comic-Con announcement that they'll be making an X-Force film with Jeff Wadlow scripting. The comic's creator Rob Liefeld has been quite vocal online about the project. Revealing recently that Cable and Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) would be the focus of the film. He's gone to Twitter again and called out Dwayne Johnson to consider taking the role of Cable.

Johnson has had a massive year earning close to a billion dollars in box office thanks to G.I. Joe: Retaliation and Fast And Furious 6. Making him a bankable choice to take a superhero role. He's currently shooting Hercules and might be involved with G.I. Joe 3 down the line. There had also been talk of possibly taking on a villain role in the Terminator reboot. Personally, I'd rather see Dwayne tackle his own Marvel franchise with X-Force than playing a character like Luke Cage. Johnson actually had to turn down the part of Drax in Guardians of The Galaxy because of his commitments to Hercules.

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