July 13, 2013

Rob Liefeld Says Cable And Deadpool Will Be In X-FORCE, Confirms Ryan Reynolds?

Rob Liefeld the creator of Marvel's X-Force along with characters such as Cable and Deadpool tells ComicBook (via CBM) his creations will be involved in the film. What that will look like in the long run is yet to be seen since there are other fan favorite characters from the X-Force lineup. It remains to be seen which other members of the X-Force team will make it into the film. However, it might be a sure bet that Domino will be in there as she is also a Liefeld creation and staple character of the series.

“I can pretty much eliminate some sites suggestion that the Milligan X-Statix stuff is in the mix. An X-Force film is Cable. Is Deadpool.”

Liefeld also Tweeted this concerning casting for the film “Ryan Reynolds IS DEADPOOL! Cable could be many…”. Giving the impression that Ryan Reynolds will indeed be apart of the film. The Deadpool film might lead into X-Force or it might be delayed even more to push X-Force forward first to gather more audience awareness for Deadpool.

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