January 27, 2010

NEWS/RUMORS (Jan 27th)

It's official Clash of The Titans will be coverted to 3D and the release date has been pushed back to April 2nd.

Orlando Bloom is hoping to appear in The Hobbit. While other characters from LOTR might be odd seeing in The Hobbit timeline. Elves on the other hand are very old it's possible Legolas could be in the film.

Recently Will Smith's name showed up on Captain America's IMDB pge fueling old rumors. Someone at Marvel Studios contacted CBM stating "the information linking Will Smith to the role of Captain America is completely inaccurate." My understanding is that he could be playing Issiah Bradley instead. While I'm sure Marvel Studios will hire an unknown for the lead I expect they will hire very well known actors for the supporting cast similar to Thor.

AC/DC will be contributing to Iron Man 2's sountrack. While they're not new songs they will include "Shoot To Thrill", along with Rock 'N' Roll Damnation, Guns for Hire, Cold Hearted Man, Back N Black, Thunderstruck, If You Want Blood (You've Got It), Evil Walks, T.N.T., Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be, Have A Drink On Me, The Razor's Edge, Let There Be Rock, War Machine and Highway To Hell.

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