January 31, 2010

More Avatar 2 Talk

We've previously heard that Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana are set to reprise their roles. Of course everyone involved with the original film will want to return for it's sequel. Joel David Moore seems hopeful he'll be involved in the next movie. It would make sense that his character would return. I could also see Dileep Rao's character getting more screen time in the second film.

I expect 20th Century Fox will be making all sorts of deals with James Cameron to get the sequel in development soon. Cameron is still working on the script while some crew have already been hired. I assume the pre-production process could last two years before it actually starts filming. I still think Battle Angel will be his next film. Yet things can change when you're getting studio pressure to jump back into a $2 billion dollar original franchise and you're given total creative freedom. He recently spoke to Empire about Avatar 2 in their recent issue.

"I have a roadmap, I know where I'm going with it. The key to a sequel is to meet audience expectation and yet to be surprising. That's an interesting equipoise, between those factors of expectation and surprise. But deals have to be made, things like that. It's not a slamdunk that we're doing it. There was always this notion that it made sense from a business standpoint that if we invested all this money in the first film that our margin would be less that it would be on the second film, where all the assests existed."

Now comes the speculation and rumors for Avatar 2. I've heard recently that the film might or might not be set on Pandora. We could see the sequel set on other moons focusing on other RDA operations. Another theory is that we could be seeing the next film focus on Pandora's oceans. This is a logical conclusion because of Cameron's obsession with water allowing more exploration of the world and creatures of Pandora. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a mix of both. Having the RDA gathering up forces from other operations to regain control of Pandora. Then Jake finding a way to use the oceans as a weapon against the human threat. It could be cool that the Nav'i now have access to the human weapons and could make for even more exciting battles.

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