October 14, 2008

Pegg & Wright's The World's End (TBA)

Labeled the "Blood and Ice-cream trilogy" because of the appearance of the popular UK ice-cream cone "Cornetto". The last film in this trilogy will be represented by the Mint flavor. The strawberry flavor was used in Shaun of The Dead to denote the use of zombies, blood and gore. In Hot Fuzz the vanilla flavor was used and it's blue wrapper denoting the cop genre. The use of green could mean a few genres or ideas. It's either going to be a alien invasion, science-fiction action or giant monster movie. Since the script has not been written it will be a while before we actually find out details. I could go with any of the film ideas they come up with as long as it's set in Britain again. It's rumored that the pair will be writing the script in late 2008 and shooting in 2009.

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