October 15, 2008


Variety is reporting that French comic "Du Plomb dans la tĂȘte" will be developed into a feature film titled Headshot. Warner Brothers is interested in the project although besides a script nothing else is confirmed. The comic was created by "Matz" a well known French comic creator who is being compared to Frank Miller. Like videogames, comics now are starting to become adaptive freindly. So it's slightly easier to develop newer comics because the companies and creators understand the material could become a movie later on. The basic premis seems interesting enough I just hope they decide on a quality director and cast.

"The series tells the story of two killers, two cops, and a journalist. In a Bronx apartment, Jimmy and Louis, two hired killers, slaughter a senator and the prostitute. Perry and Carlisle, two New York City cops, investigate and find evidence that points to the killers. Things go wrong and both their partners are killed. The Hitman and Cop decide to form an alliance, and on their road to revenge they realize that the enemy isn’t the only thing they have in common."

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