December 7, 2011

Patty Jenkins Won't Direct Thor 2

Deadline reports that Monster director Patty Jenkins won't be directing Thor 2. The studio and Patty had a disagreement over creative issues which lead to her exit. However, they state Jenkins could end up directing another one of Marvel's laundry list projects. Marvel will have to move quickly as production is expected to start in September of next year with a release date a little over a year after that date. Giving a director enough time to put together pre-production, set creation and new casting additions. Thor 2 is expected to be a rather large sequel with it's Asgardian population rumored to be doubling in size. Not to mention the fact there has been talk the movie is likely to be set in other realms which is very costly for the studio.

Brian Kirk (Luther, Game of Thrones) had also been in talks with the studio but also left over creative and budget issues. This isn't new for Marvel as the original Thor film went through a similar process to find it's director. Names like Matthew Vaughn and Sam Raimi were once attached to direct before Kenneth Branagh was ultimately hired. Jenkins could better suit a majority of the other projects in development and I'm sure will be back at Marvel in the future.
If Rupert Sanders wasn't busy with Snow White and The Huntsman I would have felt he was the director for the job. The film has a similar scale and tone which also stars Chris Hemsworth.

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