December 8, 2011

Guy Ritchie Will Likely Direct The Man From UNCLE

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. in talks with Guy Ritchie (Lock Stock, RockNRolla, Snatch) to direct The Man From UNCLE. The project was written by screenwriter Scott Z. Burns and previously had Steven Soderbergh as it's director which is based on the classic 60's spy television show. The project seemed to come to halt when the studio and Steven couldn't work out the casting and it's budget. I'm sure with this news casting announcements won't be far behind.

Ritchie has been a loyal director for the studio helming two Sherlock Holmes installments with a third in the works. However, Robert Downey Jr. has stated recently with his new baby on the way he would be slowing down big projects. This could mean that Guy would have time to fit in a couple of films before we see Sherlock Holmes 3 go into production. It's also expected that UNCLE could become a new franchise for the studio similar to Mission Impossible. That would mean Ritchie might have agreed to make sequels if the first film is successful.

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