December 10, 2011

FILMS THAT SHOULD BE MADE: Cadillacs And Dinosaurs

What started out as a basic beat-em-up video game from Capcom based on a comic book series, spawning a Saturday morning cartoon on CBS and a toyline in the 90's. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs featured a futuristic world where dinosaurs have been repopulated and Earth has reverted to a prehistorical state. It was sort of hybrid of Jurassic Park, King Kong, Mad Max and Indiana Jones.

A majority of video game/toyline films don't have such a weird blend of these type of adventure genres which were originally pulled from films to begin with. It seems like a prime candidate to get a film in the future. If anything, it's more interesting than a most of the films in development currently.

Considering the slew of alien-focused genre films being grind out by studios it would be nice see dinosaurs make their glorious return to the big screen. I could see this as some massive summer blockbuster 3D spectacle, even though I'm not fully sold on 3D's overall effectiveness for entertainment. It would also bring in the science fiction aspect since it involved aliens too.


-Jon Hamm As Jack Tenrec

-Scarlett Johansson as Hannah Dundee

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