December 14, 2011

Crank 3 On The Way, Idris Elba Wanted For Role

FilmStage has word via Empire/JoBlo that the writing/directing duo Mark Neveldine and Bryan Taylor confirm Crank 3 is happening. Along with bringing back Chev Chelios played by Jason Statham they want to bring Idris Elba into the mix. Elba recently worked with the directors on Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengence. The only issue would be that Idris is very busy these days with Pacific Rim, Kill Bill Laden (maybe), Thor 2, The Real RockNRolla and not to mention a new series/feature film of Luther also in the works.

“I would LOVE that! Actually, we joking-but-not-quite-jokingly joked about that with Idris [Elba] while we were over in Romania and Turkey [shooting Spirit of Vengeance]. Just trying to figure out a way of getting him into Crank 3. There are so many different ways that Crank 3 could go. We’ve been talking about the top 50 ideas we what to do for Crank 3, so we’re just trying to pair them down. By the way, Crank 3 is going to happen, the studios are really excited about it – it’s just all about timing.”
“…The important thing is what powers Chev [Chelios]. It was adrenaline that kept him alive in the first one, it was electricity in the second one, you know, it’s all about what will keep him alive in the third one. It’s just fun slinging those ideas around.”

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