December 7, 2011

Original Cast Members Locked In For Lone Ranger, Other Actors Also Wanted

Deadline reports that Disney has locked in Armie Hammer (Social Network), Johnny Depp (as Tonto) and Ruth Wilson (Jane Eyre, Prisoner, Luther) for the leads in Gore Verbinski's (Pirates 1-3) Lone Ranger. It had been unknown even with Disney agreeing to a lowered budget that the cast would still be able to commit to the movie. The studio is interested in casting Tom Wilkinson as the film's villain. Helena Bonham Carter, James Badge Dale (Departed, The Pacific) and Dwight Yoakum (Crank 1-2) are also wanted for roles.

I'm all for more Disney films from Gore Verbinski but the western genre hasn't been in the best shape lately. Here's hoping that Gore can do for the western he did for the pirate genre. That being said I'm curious to see how much damage Mirror Mirror is going to do to Armie's creditability as a lead actor. As the goofy family film could make audiences cringe when trying to picture him as the masked avenging cowboy.

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