December 14, 2011

He-Man Movie Back On Track At Sony

It hasn't been a great journey for the He-Man: Masters of The Universe reboot. Originally setup at Warner Bros. with producer Joel Silver and director John Stevenson (Kung Fu Panda) going to make the remake. The project eventually seemed too expensive or creatively off for the studio and it got the axe. There hasn't been any news on the film until now. BleedingCool reports Sony is resurrecting the project at Escape Artists. No screenwriter or director has been mentioned but with the success of Thor this now might be a priority for Sony. A mix between Thor and Flash Gordon the film has some potential to become a fun fantasy blockbuster. This movie could really work if the scale is there along with a strong cast.

I feel like the Hemsworth brothers would be perfect for the role of He-Man. Chris Hemsworth has pretty much edged himself as the go to guy for fantasy leads with roles as Thor and The Huntsman. I think if anyone could breathe a third dimension into to He-Man it would be Chris. His brother Liam is also gathering some action credit of his own with Hunger Games and Expendables 2 on the horizon.

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