December 2, 2011

Is Benicio Del Toro Actually Playing Khan In Star Trek 2?

Back in 2009 Trekkies gathered to The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas for a special screening of Wrath of Khan. They instead were treated with an exclusive screening of the Star Trek reboot. From that moment it's been rumored that Khan would be the villain of Star Trek 2. When Benicio Del Toro's name came up as a possible candidate for the villain role. It started the fuel again since both Benicio and Ricardo Montalbán who originated the role are Latin actors. Now LatinoReview reports with insider information that Benicio will indeed play Khan Noonien Singh.

The genetically altered human was marooned by Kirk in the television series only to enact revenge in Wrath of Khan. Which is considered to be the best film of the franchise. There are so many angles they could go with Khan since the timeline has been altered. He could very well be a hero who becomes a villain or is straight up villain at the start. There has also been speculation of the Klingons being in the film. In the last film J.J. ultimately cut the scenes from the Klingon prison which showed guards not looking the Klingons we know. I assume it was cut because the redesign didn't work and they knew they'd have to end up going back to them eventually.

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