December 9, 2011

Game of Thrones Directors Alan Taylor And Daniel Minahan In The Mix For Thor 2

HeatVision reports that Marvel is looking at other directing options now that Patty Jenkins is off Thor 2. Two names that have come up are Alan Taylor (Boardwalk Empire, Sopranos, Mad Men) and Daniel Minahan (True Blood, Deadwood) who both have directed episodes of Game of Thrones among other television shows. Marvel seems to be hot for anyone involved with Game of Thrones since Brian Kirk another director of the series was in early talks to helm the sequel. If I had to guess the stronger of the two directors it would be Taylor since his credits seem to be stronger. No offers have been announced but they'll have to move quickly and push ahead with pre-production.

They also mention a few screenwriters who could work on Don Payne's current draft of the script. The writers include Sheldon Turner, John Collee (Master And Commander), Robert (Saving Private Ryan) and Roger Avary who was Quentin Tarantino's writing partner on Pulp Fiction. The two (Tarantino/Avary) went on to win an Oscar for the screenplay. Strange to see Roger's name in the mix because he was just released from a one year prison sentence. After a drinking and driving accident that killed his passenger. Disney doesn't seem like the company to hire ex-cons to write their family films I can only imagine the backlash during the press tour.

Marvel rushed into Iron Man 2 putting together a haphazard script that made you give up on caring for Stark and didn't up the action from the first film. Hard to believe since the first 40 minutes of the first film he was in a cave just building shit. Tony was mainly wining and self-centered in the sequel reverting back to his former dicky self, which basically threw out any character development from the first story. There have been concerns that Avengers sub-plots could invade Thor 2 similar to Thor and Iron Man 2, hijacking the Thor side of things. Along with hindering the expansion of the cosmic world of the realms. I'm hoping that there is limited to almost zero interaction on Earth and we finally get a solid good look at Asgard, it's people and the rest of the realms. I want what most fans are looking for a Thor adventure not Avengers 1.5. Iron Man 3 seems to have been spared this interconnection as that film will be an Iron Man only affair.

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