July 15, 2014

SPECULATION: Joss Whedon Teasing Katee Sackhoff For Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Today, we saw a giant shake-up within the comic world of Marvel. We'll see an unnamed female character with connections to Thor, become the new Thor and picking-up his hammer (along with all of this powers). While some of the more moronic sides of fandom decided to spit their venom at this prospect, others rejoiced.

One of the people to send a message of support for this change-up was Avengers brain-child Joss Whedon. Who posted a message on twitter, which included an image of Battlestar Galactica's Starbuck played by Katee Sackhoff. The actress was the highlight of the series, even though the gender of her character was changed from the original. This could be just a quip on the part of Whedon to rally support for the progressive move by Marvel. Pointing-out an extremely successful gender-swap character from a beloved series.

Another idea, is that Joss could also be teasing to fans Katee's involvement in the MCU after-all. The actress confirmed months back to the SchmoesKnow podcast, she was having a meeting with Marvel Studios for future projects. A lot of people jumped on the idea (including myself), that Katee is a perfect casting candidate for Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel/Ms Marvel. A character that is heavily rumored to be apart of Whedon's Avengers: Age of Ultron.

We also know that Whedon has a thing for hiring television actresses for supporting roles in the franchise, just look at Cobie Smulders landing the Maria Hill role in the original. Placing Sackhoff in any sort of supporting role big or small, would be massive for the actress. Two of her Riddick co-stars (Vin Diesel and Dave Bautista) have already landed lead roles in next month's Guardians of The Galaxy, so piecing together these connections isn't off-base.

She could also be in the running for another role entirely. We have no idea what characters will show-up in the untitled Thor 3. There could be a direct link between this new Thor and what's to come with the next installment. I wouldn't doubt that this character makes a presence within the MCU sometime in the future. We've seen Joss get involved with the casting of Guardians, helping land Josh Brolin recently for the Thanos role.

I have my sneaking suspicions that this character could be in-fact be Angela, who has crossed-paths with The Guardians of The Galaxy and was revealed to be the sister of Loki/Thor in Original Sins. Who better to take-up the mantle of Thor, than his own sister? Marvel went out of their way to acquire this character from it's original series Spawn, which is odd as the company isn't in the business of buying other companies' characters. This character could very well help bridge the Avengers and Guardians, in a similar way Planet Hulk could. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to see more superheroines making their marks in the different franchises.


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