July 25, 2014

Edgar Wright To Direct Sony's GRASSHOPPER JUNGLE And Will Make BABY DRIVER Next

Deadline reports that Sony's Matt Tolmach (Amazing Spider-Man 1-2) has tapped Edgar Wright (Shaun of The Dead, Hot Fuzz, World's End) to direct the film adaptation of Andrew Smith's novel Grasshopper Jungle. It's a big move for Edgar Wright, who just parted-ways with Marvel Studios over Ant-Man rewrites. A project he had been working on for almost a decade. Grasshopper Jungle sounds interesting enough of a concept, and seems like familiar ground for Wright.

"Grasshopper Jungle, which is best described as Stand By Me meets Attack The Block, seems right in Wright’s wheelhouse. It’s a coming-of-age story that focuses on an Iowa teen trying to come to grips with his own raging hormones and sexual feelings as he and his cohorts cause a deadly genetically engineered plague that unleashes an army of 6-foot-tall praying mantises. Those bugs live the life these guys wish for, acting on an insatiable appetite for fighting, food, and fornicating."

It's also noted that his next film will indeed be his self-scripted Baby Driver. An action flick which would be something a bit more action genre-forward, and less comedic focused. Sounds like Edgar might be choosing his projects a bit more carefully from now on.


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