September 14, 2013

Hugh Jackman Might Have Put On Logan's Classic Cowl Costume In THE WOLVERINE?

The above image isn't some fan creation or cosplay. It's a legit unused costume created for The Wolverine which didn't make the film. MovieWeb was able to get ahold of the image of Wolverine's classic cowl costume which never made it into the films. Legacy Effect's costume designer Adam Ross who worked on Iron Man 3, Robocop, Oblivion and Pacific Rim put this design together using a 3D printer. I actually love this look and hope that Fox eventually does use this and would be a perfect tactical uniform for Jeff Wadlow's X-Force (if Jackaman is apart of the lineup). Also, this seems to have a similar look to the future costumes (Warpath) from the leaked Days of Future Past footage.

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