September 8, 2013

Edgar Wright Is Developing A New Horror Project

Edgar Wright confirms to ThePlaylist and ScreenRant that he's currently developing a horror film. Don't get your hopes up it will be a feature-film version of his Grindhouse trailer Don't. He says it's a straight horror film and won't be a comedy. Killing hopes it would be similar to the dark comedy Sightseers which Wright produced. This project won't be Night Stalker which he's putting together for Disney with Johnny Depp attached as the lead. At the very least Don't proves that Edgar has an eye for horror and could deliver a terrifying film on the level of friends Eli Roth and Ben Wheatley.

"I’m actually developing a horror film that’s not funny in the slightest. It’s funny, when people ask me, ‘Are you ever going to do a feature of Don’t!?’ I say I’d rather do a straight horror film, to be honest.”

“Yes, I am [working on that]. I’m actually developing it with Big Talk and Film 4. It’s something I’ve been doing a lot of research on and I want to write at some point once I’m stopped with this crazy promotion for this movie. I want to do something that’s very visual and has very little dialogue. All of my films have been very dialogue heavy and that’s great. It always makes it more of a challenge to market in other countries. I like watching films that can play in any language because they’re essentially silent.”

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