August 22, 2012

SPECULATION: Could Len Wiseman End Up Directing A Marvel Film?

Director Len Wiseman (Total Recall, Underworld 1-2) talked to CBM about leaving Iron Man and reveals he's still in contact with Marvel. This gives the impression that Len could be able to make an action film like Die Hard 4 without massive amounts of blood and gore, could end up getting at one of their budding franchises in development. So, what Marvel films could Wiseman be a perfect fit for?

"Oh man, superheroes... You know, I think a lot of the superheroes that I would be interested in, a lot of them have been done. I was involved with Iron Man for about seven months after Underworld 2. I was involved with Marvel and Iron Man, and I was really excited about that one and honestly, I think at that time, there was a concern that I was too dark of a director because I had only directed a few movies, and at that time, I'd only directed Underworld and Underworld 2. And Underworld 2 was very violent, very gory, very dark and I think it freaked them out a little bit that I was too dark of a director. It wasn't until after Die Hard 4.0 came out, which is a much lighter tone, much more fun, that Marvel called me up again..."

BLACK WIDOW: Wiseman's Underworld franchise which he co-created has cranked four successful installments with no end in sight. All of his films feature strong female characters that aren't just eye candy but can kick some ass and take a punch. A perfect combo for a Black Widow solo movie since a script has been in place for years which was recently re-written by Nicole Perlman (Guardians of The Galaxy). Considering they have a lead and a script in place, adding a director for a possible 2015 release date following Avengers 2 isn't hard to imagine. We already got a hint to Natasha's violent past with Loki's speech about her. It could be interesting to see her past coming back to haunt her or just have her going on smaller scaled adventures. 2014 is looking to be become the first year that Marvel might just be able to start rolling out three films a year. Phase Three will likely involve Widow, Panther, Strange and Inhumans.

SHIELD: This one has been in development for a while as well. The only thing is that the events concerning SHIELD in Avengers would be continued in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It's possible that that they might shelve the project completely and just keep it the connective tissue of the Marvel Cinematic Universe having SHIELD as a background player in the films.

HAWKEYE: Jeremy Renner is on the minds of audiences thanks to the successes of Avengers, Mission Impossible and Bourne Legacy. A Hawkeye film seems more likely than SHIELD as Renner could bring out audiences. Not to mention the character was only slightly explored in Avengers as he was a supporting villain for the majority of the movie. Barton is also a master in most weapons and highly skilled fighter leading up to him to take on the persona of Ronin. It could be interesting to see him partner up with Mockingbird, who becomes something of a love interest as well.

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