November 6, 2011

Who Could Benicio Del Toro Be Playing In Star Trek 2?

We now know that J.J. Abrams wants Benicio Del Toro to play the unknown villain in the untitled Star Trek sequel. There has been speculation of who exactly Benicio could be playing. Here is a bit of a run down of the options. Considering we're now in the original series timeline and time travel won't be a plot point. The show and original films are fair game to pull villain ideas from.

KLINGONS: In this current timeline the Klingons are enemies of the Federation. Over the years their design has had an evolution. While in the original series they only had funny looking eyebrows and bronze face paint. They've developed a ridged forehead with sharped teeth. The guards in the Klingon prison holding Nero wore masks but that scene ultimately got cut out of the film. Giving the impression that they weren't happy with the designs or wanted to save them for the sequels. Benicio doesn't shy away from movie makeup playing wolf boy in one of the Pee Wee Herman films and the amazing makeup from Joe Johnston's The Wolfman. The latter makeup work from Rick Baker won him an Oscar.

KHAN: He's been considered the best villain in the film franchise with The Wrath of Khan the most well received installment. Khan Noonien Singh was one of the only cannon villains in the movies and has been rumored since the second installment was mentioned in scripting phases. The Spanish angle might work here as the legendary Ricardo Montalbán played Khan and Del Toro's accent would work in his favor.

CARDASSIANS, ANDORIANS, BORG OR NEW VILLAIN: There is a slew of other enemies that would be kicking around this timeline but never bumped into Kirk and the crew in the movies. Perhaps pulling villain species from other series could happen or even creating a completely new villain/threat.

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