November 30, 2011

Alice Eve Lands Female Lead In Star Trek 2

While we're still waiting to find out if Benicio Del Toro will indeed be the villain in the Star Trek sequel. Along with what/who the role is. There is finally confirmation of a new cast member from ShowBlitz. British actress Alice Eve has nabbed a lead female role in Star Trek 2 which is yet to be named. However, the character is reported to be brand new and not from previous incarnations. Nothing is really known about the sequel even it's title hasn't been named. Yet the release date is set for May 17th 2013.

Eve is slowly becoming a bigger player in the blockbuster world being contentions for leads in X-Men First Class and Captain America. The former she dropped out as Emma Frost which was filled terribly by January Jones. There had been talk that she was still in talks with Marvel Studios for a future role. Alice previously worked with Simon Pegg in The Big Nothing who plays Scotty so she very well could be a new crew member or a love interest for Kirk.

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