November 9, 2011

Brett Ratner And Eddie Murhpy Leave 84th Oscars Show

Brett Ratner's recent comments during the promotion of his newest film co-starring Eddie Murphy came back to bite him in the ass. The homophobic and misogynist statements were enough to seal his fate with the Academy as he had to resign from producing the 84th installment of the Oscars. Eddie Murphy, who's past homophobic stand-up bits have also haunted his career stepped down as host today. I'm glad to see Ratner finally taken down a notch. He's a terrible human being and a living example of a douche bag. Murphy could have had an interesting take on the Oscars without Ratner but since he's a producing partner on upcoming projects he had to stand with him.

Brian Grazer is now mentioned as a potential new producer for the show. However, I wish the show runners would be a little more imaginative. There are a few people I think could end up better producers doubling as comedy writers like Matt Stone/Trey Parker (South Park, Book of Mormon), Dan Harmon (Community) or Mitchell Hurwitz (Arrested Development).

Billy Crystal could very well be resurrected to host but it would be nice to get some current comedians a shot. As cool as it would have been to see Eddie host he hasn't done stand-up in years. I would love to see some names other than Ricky Gervais like Louis C.K. , Sarah Silverman, Kristen Wiig, Neal Patrick Harris or Joel McHale.

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