May 26, 2009

Terminator 5 (2011-2012)

With all the faults and missteps of Terminator Salvation this film was still a massive improvement from Rise of The Machines. The look and action scenes really felt like the years prior to glossy future wars of 2029. McG has laid down some great ground work for something that could work very well. Instead of focusing on story they seemed to have rushed the film and it shows. The next movie will have to go through many changes from Salvation so that fans like myself can fully accept this new trilogy.


McG was playing around with plot ideas for the next film. He came up with the idea of Skynet sending it's machine army back in time before Judgment Day. I think it might be a move to have the next film set in present time, which is a bit odd. We've had three films set in the past the trilogy should focus on the future war. There have also been hints that Robert Patrick who played the T-1000 could have a cameo. Patrick would play a scientist who develops the liquid metal technology that is used to create the T-1000. Rose McGowan (Planet Terror) did voice acting for the film's video game and her character could be featured in the sequel.


-Focus On Story

The writer's strike was the official blame put on the horrible script. I think it had to do with the re-hiring of the writers from Terminator 3. They just can't turn out a good script or story. Jonathan Nolan (Memento) was brought on to try to fix stuff on set but wasn't really given enough time. Give the man the task of at least coming up with a plausible story and ending. Even if Nolan has to leave the project to work on the next Batman film he would have contributed a great ending and starting point. Since Nolan writes his endings first then works backwards. Oscar winning writer Paul Haggis' (Casino Royale, Million Dollar Baby) name was also thrown around and would be a great person to work with Nolan.

-Better Character Development

John Connor: I understand that Salvation was very much the story of Marcus. Although, the film suffered because of this and we didn't see enough of Connor's rise to power. In the film he seemed winy and not in control of anything. Why such wussieness? Make John the strong bad-ass leader we've been waiting for. Connor needs to be seen taking more control and leading large scale fights.

Kyle Reese: We got introduced to a younger Kyle but he didn't get to see much action. He needs to do more fighting and less running. This is the man who inspired both Sarah and John to become such tough soldiers. I wouldn't mind seeing Kyle go through the resistance's training and fighting terminators on his own.

Blair Williams: I really enjoyed watching Blair's scenes. She seemed like the incarnation of Sarah Connor and one of the best additions to the franchise. While the only other female character Kate Brewster, doesn't have seem to be a solider. Blair should become just as important to the resistance as Reese and Connor. A strong female lead was one of the best aspects of the second film.

-Stronger Supporting Cast

Actors like Common, Helena Bonham Carter, Jane Alexander and child actor Jadagrace took the energy from the good performances. Their roles felt out of place and very forced at times. Unlike the tough as nails General Ashdown played by Michael Ironside (Total Recall), who had just enough edge to him.

The solution is to hire quality actors to do cameos or even smaller parts in hopes to bring them back in the final film. When Josh Brolin was first attached to the film it went up a few more notches on the cool meter, so cast him for the second film. Along with some bad-ass resistance soldiers played by Ray Stevenson (Rome, Book of Eli) and Jeremy Renner (Hurt Locker, 28 Weeks Later). None of these actors have shied away from genre focused projects and could bring a toughness the last film was lacking.

-The Resistance's War Against The Machines

The one thing we didn't see was a full out war between the Resistance and Skynet. Both sides seemed very scarce as we saw very few of the machines in battle against the soldiers. I'd like to see a larger force on both sides and less small skirmishes. That opening battle/helicopter scene was such a tease. I had expected the whole film to have that kind of action. We've seen bigger and better stuff from James Cameron back in 1984 and 1991.

-Terminators Are Villains Not Heroes

We've seen three movies with a terminator being heroic. I think they should be just villains and it would awesome to see them bring back Roland Kickinger. Roland is a very menacing guy and could play a great infiltrator terminator.

-Keep or Replace McG?

I think McG pulled off a lot of good things. Considering he had such an awful script to work with and an almost impossible deadline. While most are hesitant to bring back McG I think he could do a better job, if things I've mentioned were improved.

On the other hand I don't see why a director like Len Wiseman (Underworld, Die Hard 4) couldn't jump aboard and improve the franchise. They both have a great visual presence and do action scenes very well.

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