May 23, 2009

Spider-Man 4 (May 6th 2011)

With Sam Raimi and Tobey signed to two more Spider-Man films, now the question is who will the villains be? Raimi said that he hopes the villain or villains would be from the original group that Stan Lee created. The Lizard seems to be a given since he's been set up since the second film. The biggest tease has been Raimi mentioning the addition of Morbius. It would very interesting since Morbius is a vampire adding a massive horror element to the superhero genre. Something we haven't seen since Blade, the first comicbook film that started the serious take on Marvel superheros (not X-Men). Raimi has been hinting ever since he wrapped on his recent horror film Drag Me To Hell that he'd love to add horror into the world of Spider-Man.



Dylan Baker plays Doctor Curt Connors appearing in two films. Doctor Connors becomes the Lizard after an experiment to grow the arm back he had lost using reptile DNA.

Michael Morbius is a college student trying to develop a cure for his blood disease working with vampire bats. He ends up in a similar accident that happens to Doctor Connors. The character was originally in a cut scene from Blade and could be the property of New Line/Warner Brothers. I could see Elijah Wood or Justin Long being cast.


It's unknown if Mary Jane will make the fourth film. In the comics Peter ends up dating various girls before settling down with Mary Jane. After the constant problem of MJ being targeted by the villains. To keep her out of harms way they could break up. I expect to see Parker still dating. Perhaps with Betty Brant (Elizabeth Banks) or trying again with Gwen Stacy (Bryce Dallas Howard). Felicia Hardy could be another love interest.

It might not be a popular idea but it's realistic, we could see the death of Aunt May.


I'd really like to see Josh Brolin (No Country For Old Men) play Kraven The Hunter. Mickey Rourke was rumored to have been offered a role as a villain in Spider-Man 4 along with Iron Man 2.

Kristen Bell (Sarah Marshall) as Felicia Hardy/Black Cat.

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